Enjoy the glow of good health!

Thinking of having a baby? Great! It is important to stay as healthy as possible to support a healthy prepregnancy, pregnancy, labor and delivery for both mother and baby. 

In addition, having a baby will naturally change the life of the prospective parents. There are areas in life that you can set goals and plan for in order to align with the new values and priorities that come with being a parent. 

My BLH Wellness prenatal and postpartum care clients will receive practical, safe, and baby friendly fitness exercises, nutrition assistance, and life and wellness coaching prior, during, and post-pregnancy. Clients will be empowered to experience smoother pregnancy and delivery through awareness, education, and practical support; better healing process and postpartum recovery results, and a quicker transition to those prepregnancy and new joys that come with being a parent. You do not have to lose your glow!

My BLH Wellness prenatal and postpartum care is a journey with clients. This journey can begin prior to being pregnant, as a healthy and fit body provides for a better pregnancy for both mother and baby. And a life that is well planned with parenting in mind provides for a healthier experience for mother, baby, and the entire family. 

We provide appropriate exercise training and nutrition guidance for the first, second, and third trimester, labor and delivery assistance, postpartum exercise training and nutrition guidance, and life and wellness coaching pre and post pregnancy.

My BLH Wellness offers individual and groups prenatal and postpartum care support. 

Individual Sessions

We understand that the lives of expectant mothers and parents is busy, on the move and unpredictable. Our personal trainers are flexible and accommodating to your schedule. For our individual clients who want exercise training and nutrition support, we are happy to meet you at a location that is conducive to your schedule, whether that be at your home with your partner/spouse present or in a public space. Contact us to tailor our services to your needs.

Group Sessions

For our group prenatal and postpartum exercise training and nutrition guidance support, see our calendar for a list of locations where classes are being offered. If there are currently no exercise training and nutrition guidance classes being offered in your area and you have a group of five or more women and would like for us to come to your location, please contact us.  

If you receive prenatal and postpartum care somewhere else and would like to get access to our life and wellness coaching services you can do so. Our coaches are licensed professionals and their services are covered under many extended health benefit plans. Coaching sessions are one-on-one by phone; however, partners/spouses are welcome and encouraged to participate. Check out our coaching packages.

Our personal trainers and coaches work together with clients and their healthcare providers.

Some areas that are covered include:

  • Shaping Up Before Pregnancy
  • Training Functionally and Strengthening the Core and Pelvic Floor System Appropriately
  • Endurance, Posture, Alignment, and Healthy Body Fat Levels
  • Caring for Your Body During All Nine Months
  • Breathing Routines for Two
  • Eating for Fitness and Baby’s Health
  • Stretching and Strengthening Your Pregnant Body
  • Meditation for Relaxation and Focus
  • Adjusting Actively to the First Trimester
  • Staying Motivated By the Second Trimester
  • Staying Positive in the Third Trimester
  • Training for Labor and Delivery
  • Adjusting During the Early Weeks After Delivery
  • Fitness for the New Mother
  • An Evaluation of Values and Priorities 
  • Work-life Balance 
  • Transitions
  • Career and Job Changes 
  • Managing Stress 
  • Strengthening Family and Building Relationships 
  • Clarity on Identifying Values and Priorities as a Mom/Partner
  • A Plan for You to Thrive During this Part of Your Life
  • A Plan to Maintain Intimacy and Romance After Having Children
  • Planning for the Fairness of Housework
  • Develop Tools to Manage Life and Work Stress
  • Defining Home and Family Life
  • Email and Phone Support in Between Sessions with One of Our Wellness and Life Coaches
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