By adding Life & Wellness Coaching to your program, you’ll have the support and guidance you’ll need to adopt small healthy habits that will create the healthy lifestyle you have been wanting to sustain for the rest of your life.

If you have been on this wellness journey and you have all the information you need but have not seen nor experienced lasting changes, it is not your fault.

Your coach will help guide you through a process that will help your wellness goals to become easier to achieve, and ultimately become streamline where they become a habit. While you will learn from our personal trainer and nutritionist how to train your body and learn how to sustain a healthier diet that is in line with your nutritional needs, our life and wellness coach will help you to create realistic plans for you to adopt small changes in behaviour that last -- such as helping you learn how to plan your meals, practice good sleep hygiene, incorporate movement/exercise in daily...

Conversations with your coach will also help to increase your desire to change, and prompt you to follow through on your new healthy habits. There is no magic number of days you have to do this process as it depends on each individual, and the approaches used by your coach to help you are based on the way the human brain works. Learn how to hone in on your values and develop new approaches to overcoming behaviours and thought patterns that are not serving you well. My BLH Wellness coach will help you set the agenda to improve your personal health and wellbeing.

Full Cycle of Transformation

Establish work-life balance
Improve and strengthen personal and professional relationships
Maintain a healthy weight, eat to nourish and fuel your body while enjoying food, stay active and establish a healthier lifestyle overall
Set values and priorities while resolving destructive habits
Reduce and manage stress

Combine It With One Of Our Programs

Coaching packages are available for pregnant women in both prenatal & postpartum timeframes, standard adult, and corporate clients to encourage, motivate, and support individuals in their wellness journey.

Program for Adults

Life can be challenging & adults often get caught up trying to do “it all”. This can lead to broken relationships, unhealthy coping mechanisms & lifestyle choices, inactivity, difficulty dealing with stress, or a disconnect from loved ones and community. Add Life & Wellness Coaching to another program to create a natural process for you to change habits that are not serving you well and adopt healthier habits that will last.

Program for Corporate Clients

Cultivate a strong corporate culture with wellness coaching. Healthy, happy employees are committed to doing the best job possible. When you add Life & Wellness Coaching to your corporate program, each participant receives the support and guidance needed to set priorities, identify and overcome obstacles, then build on skills, strengths, and passions for creating a work-life balance to reach their goals. Show your employees you care about their well-being and watch your profits soar.

1What is the cost of coaching services?

Clients have the ability to take sessions as stand-alone sessions for $150 per 60-minutes, or in order from session 1-4 for $405.00. A complimentary 15-minutes phone consultation is available prior to booking paid sessions. These are the standard fees; however, our coach is open to offering a sliding scale where necessary and if other services are being provided such as exercise training/education and/or nutrition education. Our coaches are registered, social workers. Social work is covered under many extended health benefit plans.

2What is covered in coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions help you develop a Personalized or Family Wellness Plan that is unique to your individual and family needs. We cover topics including but not limited to: how to nourish your body in a way that honors your health and taste buds and feels good, how to plan your meals, practice good sleep hygiene, incorporate movement/exercise regularly, engage in grounding practices that centres you such as meditation, prayer, journaling, etc.

3Where do the coaching sessions happen?

By phone on the dates/times agreed upon.

4What is the length of the coaching sessions?

60-minutes per session.

5What method of payments do you accept?

We accept e-transfer, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery).

6Are your services covered under insurance?

Yes many extended health care plans have coverage for services provided by a Registered Social Worker or a person holding a Master’s in Social Work. Our coach is registered with several insurance providers; however, you will need to contact your specific provider for coverage details. When you contact them, please verify that you have coverage for work with a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s in Social Work (MSW).

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