Sabrina here! Thank you for supporting my goal to read a book a month. It hasn't been easy but each time I succeed it's worth it! I'll share the next book I'm listening to with you in July. How perfect is it to find a book that doesn't aim to turn you into a whole new you? Or get you to compare yourself to anyone -- a friend, relative, public figure, celebrity. It pays off to stay in your own lane, and I'm talking in the context of health and wellness. Your Fittest Future Self: Making Choices Today for a Happier, Healthier, Fitter Future You by Kathleen Trotter has been helping me with this.

When and Where I Read it:

The first time I read this book, I took it everywhere and focused on the main text. I'm still carrying it around with me. I can't get enough of Kathleen's inspirational quotes. And her "plug and playlist" of workouts that last from two minutes to an hour whenever my mood isn't the greatest. Working out is a great mood-boosting self-care act.

How Long I Took to Read it:

I read as I went about my day. I squeezed in what time allowed -- sometimes fifteen minutes at a time and other days a consecutive hour. This book is also available in audio.

Stand Out Quote:

"The goal is growth and perseverance! If you are working and learning, you are winning."

My Takeaways:

If you've been following us you know that Anthony is a "gym bunny" and I was too after we met and before we had children. Because of the busyness of work and family, I'm definitely a "time-crunched multi-tasker" and find ways to pepper movement into my daily life. I'm also a "homebody" and train at home for convenience. I've tried taking swimming classes and this only lasted a season as I've missed a few classes and didn't re-enroll. I also bought a gym membership and cringed knowing the money I was throwing down the drain as I drove past the gym daily (can you relate?).

This book has helped me to look at my workout journey more critically. I'm a more informed rider because I've fallen off my fitness horse more times than I can count. It's helped me to align my exercise goals with my identity and values. For example, working out after work seems ideal for my waistline as I want to feel good in my bathing suit for this summer’s trip to Florida, but I value family dinners more than my waistline, so that plan won’t work. Because next year who I want Sabrina to be -- the way I want to spend my time and what I value may change, with the help of this book, I'll be able to explore again the possibilities that being alive has to offer.

With this book I can create my own workout program; however, I've asked Anthony (my personal trainer) based on my health history, fitness level, and goals to create a 20 minutes training that I can do daily on my own (wink eye)! As I continue to progress my workout program will also. Yay!

In my opinion, this is a great book to get in touch with how your values, identity, life realities, and past fitness experiences can get you closer to your fittest future self! Kathleen doesn't only talk about fitness, she covers nutrition, mindset, and sleep and how they interconnect. 

Be well where you are!