It’s Sabrina here, we know that skipping breakfast most mornings or eating the wrong way is common for the clients we see. And so, their first food contact is typically at lunch, which can lead to overeating due to dropped blood sugar levels. We’re here to say that a healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, nor take a lot of time.

We love sharing with you what’s been working for us as time is also a factor we contend with daily. When it comes to us making sure that we have the first and most important meal of the day, and that we end up with the right balance of ingredients that keeps us full 1-2 hours later, we make the perfect breakfast smoothies that our children also enjoy! Rather than giving you a specific recipe we thought that some guidelines around ingredients for the perfect smoothie could be helpful. There are a ton of smoothie recipes that you can search for online!

The perfect smoothie includes fiber-rich veggies

The more fiber content the better. Veggies help to slow digestion of sugars and make you feel fuller longer. The recommended daily serving of veggies is unlimited. If you were to have 3 servings of veggies in your breakfast smoothie that would be 3-6 cups, the serving amount depends on your nutrition goals. To make sure that we get a high content of fiber in our smoothies and that it tastes good, we use 1-2 veggies. If we use only spinach we use 3 cups per smoothie. Or 2 cups of spinach and 1 cup of cucumber per smoothie. Also, 2 cups of spinach and a ½ cup of green peas works well. Try adding a few steamed okras to any of these combos – for the nutrition benefits without the slimy texture and taste. We think you get the hang of it. Just have fun experimenting with a variety of veggies. Kale, celery, beets, and sprouts are also good options for veggies that are high in fiber.

The perfect smoothie doesn’t have too much fruit

Although fruit is good for you, it’s a natural source of sugar. The recommended daily serving of fruit is 3 servings (3 medium fruits or 3 cups of fruit). Adding too much fruit to your breakfast smoothie will take you over this limit. Depending on your nutrition goals, 1 serving of fruit (1 medium or 1 cup or ½ banana) is the ideal amount of fruit per smoothie. Our go-to fruit in our smoothie is ½ or less of a banana because it sweetens just right! 1 or a ½ cup of frozen ripe mango or pineapple are other tasty options. If you do end up buying a smoothie on the road consider asking that they prepare it with fewer fruits. We’re all about taking manageable small steps towards making healthier choices.

The perfect smoothie includes the right liquid base

Juices add calories and sugar so as a first step if you’re not doing this already, try making your smoothies without orange juice or apple juice or any other juice. Water, unsweetened nut milk (almond, cashew, coconut), or coconut water are healthier options. My go-to is 6 oz of vanilla soya milk because it’s a good source of plant protein and I love the taste! Anthony uses almond milk – which is why we make our own breakfast smoothies.

The perfect smoothie includes protein

Because I’m not a fan of the taste of protein powders, I also have two boil eggs in the morning to ensure that I get the protein I need based on my nutrition goals. Anthony, on the other hand, includes 1-2 scoops of protein powder in his, again, the amount of protein powder you include depends on your nutrition goals and activity level.

Boosters are optional and you can choose as many as you like to kick up your energy. Again, I tend not to use boosters; however, Anthony uses at least one. A few choices can include hemp seeds, collagen, chlorella powder, Vitamin C powder, spirulina powder, chia seeds, flaxseeds or flaxseed oil, ginger, dark cocoa powder, cacao nibs, maca root powder, bee pollen.

We love adding crushed ice cubes to the blender for a thick and frosty smoothie.

What about you? Do you eat breakfast most mornings? If not, what gets in the way? Would you be willing to try a smoothie recipe for breakfast? Or, each week incorporate one new change to the way you make your smoothies to make them healthier? Let us know how we can help you!