Good morning Lovelies!! I’m not surprised that I’m blogging on my staycation. Believe me, if I had more time, I would be on here more often. Writing makes my heart happy!

I don’t know about you but I’m home this week for the March break. My oldest who’s five is in camp part of the day and my mini-me who turns three next month is my permanent accessory lol. Aside from toting around the city, I'm at home.

Since I've been home I've been clearing the clutter that has become the junk food of my home. Let’s just say that I’m getting a head start on our spring cleaning, yay! I want to share with you some ideas that I’ve been incorporating into my spring-cleaning routine that makes my home sweet home after all.

  • I look for a new white duvet or bedsheets, and if the hubster consents, I get some new cushions for our bedroom. I make sure to select hues that support my spirit, such as blue brings calm, and green makes me feel hopeful. Fresh bedding makes me feel good. is one of my fav places to shop for bedding and household décor in general.
  • I add fresh flowers in my home. To be quite honest, I’m not fussy when it comes to flowers. I just grab some on my way to the cash out at – a home away from home as my kiddos would likely describe it. When spring eventually arrives, I’ll pick seasonal blooms from our garden. Flowers brighten up my home and make me happy!
  • Thanks to my Wellness Advocate of, I’ve been diffusing natural essential oil blends to support my health care needs. They keep my home smelling fresh and yummy too according to my kiddos.

I hope you’re inspired to have a well-nested home that's sweet for you to enjoy! Maintaining my home protects my mental health.

Be well where you are!




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