Good morning Lovelies!! I’m not surprised that I’m blogging on my staycation. Believe me, if I had more time, I would be on here more often. Writing makes my heart happy!

I don’t know about you but I’m home this week for the March break. My oldest who’s five is in camp part of the day and my mini-me who turns three next month is my permanent accessory lol. Aside from toting around the city, I'm at home.

Since I've been home I've been clearing the clutter that has become the junk food of my home. Let’s just say that I’m getting a head start on our spring cleaning, yay! I want to share with you some ideas that I’ve been incorporating into my spring-cleaning routine that makes my home sweet home after all.

The struggle for work-life balance for parents is often talked about in the context of not giving enough time to the family. How tragic it is when working hard (whether as an employee, employer, or entrepreneur) to not only make ends meet but to give your family an opportunity to define the kind of life you want for them impoverishes them. Studies show that the connection a child needs to feel with her or his parents' in order to open up and talk to them is cemented long before the teen years. It's no wonder why working parents are trying to find creative ways to earn a living and spend time with family.

Sabrina here! Last month, in an Instagram post I talked about how I believe we’re built for growth and development in our minds and spirits. And that one way I plan to reach my wellness goals this year is to learn through a different lens and good books help me to do that! I’m so excited about a Book a Month series!

When I tell people that my spouse is a personal trainer they automatically assume that I exercise regularly and eat healthy all of the time. This is so far from the truth. 

I still remember going to the gym together at 5 o'clock in the morning. My alarm clock would go off at 4 o'clock in the morning, followed by a phone call from Anthony, making sure that I was awake and getting ready. I would sleep on the drive into the gym. But by the end of our workout and throughout the day, I appreciated that he had helped me to fit in my morning workout.

I could tell then that going to the gym was a way of life for Anthony and I knew this was something he would continue to do for the long-haul. I also thought that I was in for a lot of years of training from him (insert wink emoji).

Mealtime is an essential part of daily living - along with other daily routines. We eat meals with our family in the comfort of our homes and with other people like our colleagues and friends at the workplace and in public eating areas. We eat meals that match our cultural backgrounds and expand our palates. Prepping and planning meals helps to keep wellness (healthier food choices) a focus for our busy family.

I received a text from a friend last week that we haven’t talked in a long time and that she will call me that evening. I had a conference call that evening and offered a few alternate dates for us to connect. She asked if I could call her when I’m driving home that day. Of course, why didn’t I think of that? I mean I do have Bluetooth. When we spoke, she told me that it was important to her to have our friendship in the new year. I told her that I wanted the same. We both realized that we have less time to connect but want to make it a goal to bring our priceless gift of friendship into the new year!

On the day of our wedding, I ensured that I had a second pair of shoes to change into for when we walked around the resort to have our wedding photos taken and to wear on the dance floor at the reception hall. Now with two children under five, I can't remember the last time I left my home with two pairs of shoes. Before having children, I used to wear shoes that really pinch - leaving my feet with blisters and unhappy. I used to be so unkind to myself. I am sure I am not the only one who has had a painful relationship with shoes. How much of our schedules are a bit like stylish shoes we used to or continue to wear leaving us feeling stressed and unwell?

The holiday is a time when many indulge in treats that are loaded with sugar, sugar, and more sugar. From home baked to store-bought goodies - reining in that 'sweet tooth' can be a challenge for even the salty food lovers.

Whether you sign your child/ren up for recreation/extracurricular programs or activities to help them to make friends, to keep them occupied, to get them more active, to give them exposure and build on their social skills, or to provide them with a safe stimulating place to be during the off-school seasons, selecting the right programs or activities is an important factor for most parents and caregivers. It sure is for us which is why we put a lot of attention into selecting the right ones.