My Body. My Life. My Health.

My BLH Wellness works with individuals in and outside of corporations who want to put theirs and their family members’ wellness first. Our mission is to assist everyone in the home and employees of corporations to prioritize their wellness. We offer preventative programs to strike a balance in all aspects of life for the entire family: social, physical, economic, spiritual and mental.

My BLH Wellness are employees, parents, entrepreneurs, and students who know how easy it is to place less focus on wellness when starting or growing a family, building a career or business. When clients partner with us they and their loved ones are empowered to live a healthier, happier, balanced, authentic, full and satisfying life. My BLH Wellness team is marked high by clients for their individualized skills, warmth and authentic approach and consistent high-quality work ethics. Clients have been able to secure programs that meet theirs and their family members wellness goals.

Look no further, My BLH Wellness has exactly what you have been looking for! My BLH Wellness programs include Fitness & Exercise Training, Corporate Wellness, Prenatal & Postpartum Care, Kids Fitness, Nutrition Education and Life & Wellness Coaching. We use a holistic approach to help clients find the motivation and tools to get to their physical and overall health and life goals!

Balancing life is unique to every person and the challenge is to stay healthy by keeping that balance. We promote enjoying life, building in time as a family to be unproductive together, eating well and staying active, talking about life in meaningful coaching conversations, being kind to self, taking time to relax and attend to self-care, having healthy sleeping habits, practicing limit setting and boundaries around electronics, asking for help when it is needed, working within community and practicing positive self-talk.

Reaching a balance is a learning process. At times the balance may tip in one direction and we are here to help you to find your footing again.

Whether you are an individual trying to be in shape and good health, spend more quality time with your family, take control of your life and career, or set up a child in your sphere of influence for a life-long passion for healthy habits and physical activity, or a corporation seeking to foster a work environment that helps employees cope better with workplace and personal stress and build on employees’ resiliency we work with our clients on their agenda with them in the driver’s seat and us supporting them to improve their quality of life. 

Combined, having over 40 years of professional experience working with diverse populations and in a workplace environment, in the field of social work, early childhood education, the health and wellness field (specializing in women’s fitness and prenatal and postpartum care), and the wealth of experience and personal growth that comes with being parents, My BLH Wellness Team work with our clients through the community and corporations to experience increase in energy, productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction.

Our programs continue to evolve as we strive to remain up to date to ensure that the programs we provide are based on current research information, performed correctly, meet our client's needs and conform to enhanced safety guidelines. 

Core Values

Our core values reflect ideas that guide our conduct and approach with our clients, partners, and with each other.

We strive to:

Work with integrity - We speak and act in an honest and transparent manner. We believe in being accountable for the impact we have on others.

Foster independence - Our clients set the agenda and goals they want to work towards. We encourage clients to make decisions about how they will live their life enjoying access to a support system that enables freedom of choice and self-determination. We work at the client's pace rather than expediting the process for which the services clients are seeking. Therefore clients are responsible, to the extent possible and practical for the outcomes of the services they obtain.

Be relevant - We want to know our audience (individuals, families, and corporations) and cater to their needs. We stay current on research and best practices and provide accurate and relevant information.

Be strengths-based - We concentrate on the inherent strengths of individuals, families, groups, and organizations. In essence, we embrace an asset-based approach where the goal is to promote the positive.

Be dedicated - We are committed to partnering with clients to experience life’s full and satisfying potential. 

Adhere to professional excellence - We interact with clients and community partners in a manner that respects boundaries and upholds the dignity of all persons.

Be balanced - We model balance in the most authentic and sincere way.